Friday, April 24, 2015

[MEN'S CAMP] Diva's Secret Makeup Club

Friday 4/24 : [MEN'S CAMP] Diva's Secret Makeup Club {Request} 


Hey, hey ^^
So, this film was actually requested by someone on here a looonnngg time ago! I actually downloaded it with the intention of uploading it, but you know, THINGS happened. So, here it is (finally)!

This is one of my personal favorites, it's an entire film dedicated to this one specific model (sorry idk his name) and he's just the definition of cute. This is a semi-cross dressing film, not all out "hey I'm a girl" more like "hey I'm a cute boy in lingerie and makeup". It's great.
In-between scenes, there's this great music montages with the model dressed in different lingerie just rolling around being cute. It's fucking precious ^^


The First scene, has to be favorite honestly. You really get to see how sweet and gentle this boy really is and I just love it! I also love how into each other they both seem to be, too cute. No actual sex during this scene, but don't worry because it's still super hot!

The Second scene, was pretty good. He was super cute topping! I also have a thing for socks and stockings so, it was pretty nice xD And I've watched a few other scenes with the guy he was dominating before. He's alright, I have no complaints.

The Third scene, wasn't my favorite, but the couple seemed to have really good chemistry! In this one, the main bottoms (for a hot sec), but this cutie was the dominant one ^^ I also really liked his partner, his moans were really cute. There are so many positive things about this scene and yet, it was still pretty meh, to me. Idk why...Oh well ^^

The Fourth scene, sex. Yep, this cutie was finally the stereotypical bottom boy dressed in lingerie, with the tachi being a super hairy older guy (lol but I don't mind him xD). It all seemed to be going good, but the neko was SUPER sensitive and I think the scene might've been a little much for him at times. Especially at the very end, the tachi was being pretty rough and you could hear him saying how it hurt... After watching the entire film, I kinda got attached to this model so, I don't really like seeing him in pain TT^TT

Hope you like this film as much as I did, let me know what you think of it and let me know if you have any requests.
Enjoy ^^

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Don't Download Videos I haven't posted Yet

So, I noticed that some people have already downloaded a video that was to be released tomorrow. Not cool.

I'd really appreciate it if you waited and clicked the download links. If you haven't noticed, there are ads that pop up whenever the link is clicked and yes, I'm getting paid for those ads because THAT'S THE ONLY WAY I'M ABLE TO KEEP THIS BLOG OPEN!!!

Seriously. So, please fucking wait until I release the blog post with the link. I've pre-uploaded some of the videos because I want to stay on schedule. But, now, because of this, I'm going to have to upload them the day of and there's no guarantee they'll be up on time because it's a day by day thing now. It makes it harder on me and even on you. 
I mean COME ON! I'm GIVING you FREE links to FULL length videos and you can't just wait one FUCKING day? Damn.

Sorry, but those few ruined it for everyone. And sorry, if I sound angry (that's because I am), but downloading something that I haven't released yet is fucking rude in my opinion.

Remember that I don't HAVE to keep this blog open. I don't HAVE to share my videos. I do this because it's fun and I enjoy it. But some fuckers just had to come and ruin everything which makes me question why I try so hard to continue this blog. So, keep that in mind. 

And thanks to everyone who's waited and clicked the links I provided. Much appreciated. 

[COAT] Pet 3

Thursday 4/23 : [COAT] Pet 3 

Who's ready for some awkward Pet/Owner roleplaying?
Okay, I admit that A LOT of the storyline/roleplay/foreplay are pretty cringeworthy, but the sex is AMAZING.

God damn, these COAT boys are gorgeous.
Whatever, everyone knows this, let's get on with it.


The First scene of course, begins awkwardly, and I honestly wasn't expecting much from the neko, but I was pleasantly surprised! He was pretty damn cute! But my absolute FAVORITE part had to be towards the end. The neko was SO close to cumming and he kept trying to masturbate, but the tachi would knock his hand away repeatedly until the tachi finally starting jacking him off himself. OMGGG I literally died during that part. Also, I really enjoyed the neko's moans ^^

The Second scene, okay, I admit it, I usually skip over this scene. Maybe one day I'll watch it in it's entirety, but I won't review something I haven't watched yet. lol sorry. Let me know what you think, is it worth watching?

The Third scene, YESSSS ICONIC!!! Omg, this scene is everything! Two of my absolute favorite JGV models Runa and "". Okay, the beginning is incredibly awkward with their barks and meows, but the sex is awesome. I just love how sensitive and sweet Runa is and "" has a precious face, but is very dominant. I love it.

The Fourth scene, Manato is an angel. God, I love this boy. He's just so happy and smiley and giggly, he's too fucking cute. And his curly hair and everything is just agh! One of my top Manato scenes because he's just so damn adorable here! I mean, it's Manato. What's not to love?

Hope you like this film as much as I did, let me know what you think of it!
Enjoy ^^

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[ACCEED] Eating Virgin Pure Boys

Wednesday 4/22 : [ACCEED] Eating Virgin Pure Boys 


Okay, okay. If you know anything about the world of JGV, it's pretty common knowledge that the company Acceed comes out with some pretty weird shit. Just uncomfortable acting and weird scenes (kind of fetish like, but 1000x more awkward)

BUT, this one is actually pretty normal!

I don't know a lot of Japanese so, I don't know the content of the conversations, but nothing too weird happens (as usual with Acceed)


Seriously, ALL the models are adorable and sweet and soooo sensitive!
Disclaimer: I'm not too familiar with the names of Acceed models so, if you know their names feel free to let me know and I'll update it! ^^


The First scene is amazing, the neko is so sweet and so damn cute! He's so sensitive and twitchy, I love it. I'm also obsessed with the tachi! He's perfect, I just love the way he looks and the way he treats his nekos. You can tell he's REALLY enjoying himself.

The Second scene is also great! This may sound bad, but I love it when the neko's resistant at first, but then gets REALLY into it. And the way the story kind of unfolded was very much like this. The neko is just lovely and the way his cheeks were pink like he was embarrassed and his breathy moans, you could tell he was really feeling it! Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of this tachi, I've seen him in other scenes and he's just not my type :/

The Third scene was just the cutest, most awkward thing ever! Both the models were obvious nekos so, the "tachi" was a bit awkward trying to be the dominant one. I loved it. Also, the neko has appeared in some KO Company videos under the name "" I don't know if he has a different name under Acceed.
Sidenote: I noticed that the tachi had a few scars that looked self-inflicted. They appeared to be old, but I really hope he's doing okay. He's too sweet TT^TT

The Fourth scene was my FAVORITE! Seriously, the neko was incredible and paired with one of my top favorite rachis, it's just every JGV fan's dream. The neko is beautiful and hot and everything you could hope for. You could tell that they were TOTALLY into each other! I think I heard the neko call the tachi "Sou-chan" or "Sho-chan" which I thought was too cute. And his moans were just precious. One of my favorite all time scenes.

The Fifth scene was kinda anticlimactic. I mean the neko was cute, but the sex wasn't too interesting, he kind of looked scared to begin with and sometimes even emotionally detached (which is understandable since he's in a porn film, but it made it a little uncomfortable to watch and enjoy) and on top of all that, I wasn't really digging the tachi. So, sadly, this scene didn't do it for me. :/

Hope you guys like this film as much I do! I'd love to hear your guys' opinions on the film and all that jazz.
Enjoy ^^

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Upcoming Weekly Schedule: 4/22-4/25

Don't mind me, I'm just gonna sneak back on this blog like I wasn't gone for over a year... Hi ^^

So, I'm gonna start uploading JGV vids again, more consistently this time too! I was able to find a new place that I could stream videos from and you'll also have the option of downloading if you want ^^

I decided to revive this blog because A) I still want to spazz to someone about the AMAZING porn I find (can't exactly call up my friends irl and talk about some gay porn I was watching -.-) B) I'm running out of storage space on my computer because of the films I've compiled and I don't want to just delete them (Even ones I don't watch as much) because it feels like I'm deleting hours of searching for specific films, hours of download waiting time, and (in some cases) actually deleting something I've spent money on.

JGV has kinda taken over my life (but it's fine, I've come to terms with it. I've accepted it xD).
Decided to use this blog as a public collection of the JGV I've compiled over the years. Some of these I LOVE and others weren't as great as I'd hoped, but I'll still upload them here because we all have different tastes and maybe one of you guys will like it ^^

I'm also open to requests! If there's a specific film or actor you want to see more of, I'll add it to the list ^^ I'll try to remain as consistent as possible. I'll be uploading a weekly schedule so, you'll know what to expect on which days.

Here's the upload schedule for this week (a good, diverse variety in my opinion and personal favorites of mine ^^) : 

Wednesday 4/22 : [ACCEED] Eating Virgin Pure Boys 

Thursday 4/23 : [COAT] Pet 3 

Friday 4/24 : [MEN'S CAMP] Diva's Secret Makeup Club {Request} 

Saturday 4/25 : [KO-SECRET FILM] Jail of the Crimson Lotus 

Friday, August 1, 2014

[NEED TO REUPLOAD!] [KO-SECRET FILM] Handsome Youth Crazy Guys Complete Manual 1

Older guys creepin' on younger boys...yay.

Despite the creepy theme, I have to say, I sort of fell in love with this series >.< I recently downloaded it as well so, it's fairly new to me ;)

Scene 1: I have no idea what this boy's name is but, he is CUTE. In this scene I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be a prostitute but he's still adorable. My favorite part has to be when he's cumming <3 (I also love his eyes ^^)

Scene 2: This scene has Yusaku in it, with T-san being creepy (again). At first he tries to resist (like they always do) and then he gives in. Not my favorite scene with Yusaku but still good :3

Scene 3: Now this scene is my absolute favorite of this film! Again, I do not know the boy's name (though I wish I did!) and he's sooooooo cute :) I usually prefer the more delicate, sensitive boys with whiny moans and he is all this and more. He's so sweet and just, just so, ugh, I can't explain it. Just watch ;) His butt's also very soft looking and squishy (kind of like Shohei's ^^). My favorite part was when T-san was fingering him while jerking him off at the same time. He got to moany and squirmy, sigh, I played that part over and over again. I only wish the scene was longer, maybe it was just me, but I felt like his scene was shorter than the rest D:

Scene 4: Honestly, I didn't really watch this one. It has the guy who smiles a lot in it. Enough said. Just kidding! :) Everyone doesn't like this boy because he "smiles too much" but that doesn't really bother me. There's just something about him that turns me off, I don't know. I'm weird :/

So, hope you enjoyed the film ^^...Bye.


Thursday, September 5, 2013


Oh, I love this series :)

Scene 1: I've read other reviews of this DVD and almost everyone forgets to mention this boy! He has two scenes which I find VERY hot. Of course, he's not as cute as the other boys but I still found his scenes enjoyable :) And I'm sorry, but I don't know his name >.<

Scene 2: So this scene contains the "new" Manato in it and he is perhaps the most adorable thing to ever happen to JGV (well, I think this about every cute boy...). He is the cutest thing ever! So tiny and sensitive, I almost can't stand it >.< This scene was great, I just love the way he seemed to be holding back his moans while he was extremely hard! I don't know what my favorite part was, I have so many ^^

Scene 3: Has the same boy from the first scene and instead of being forced by the teacher, he's forcing the teacher o.O

Scene 4: I know this boy's name! I just can't remember at the moment >.< (I'll edit this once I remember). He's so sweet and his moans so precious! There's just nothing more to just need to watch :)

This film was alright, as compared to other Obscene Camera films. I just really love Manato

Have a nice day! :)