Sunday, July 21, 2013

[KO-SECRET FILM] Obscene Camera 2

I bet you all thought I was gone forever. Well, I just proved you wrong. HA! >:D

Just kidding :P No, I've actually been busy these past weeks but, in the spare time I've had I've been downloading films like CRAZY. I am prepared and super excited to share :D

So, Obscene Camera 2, alright! One of the few JGV films where I actually enjoy every scene ;D

I absolutely LOVE this film mostly because of SHINJI!! He is sooo adorable and the noises he makes are soooo sweet. ^^ I also REALLY like the other boy (the one in the first two scenes that I don't know).
I decided not to do a review of EVERY scene because it takes a long time to write and sometimes I just download a film for a specific actor and I don't really watch the others ^^"
Just leave in the comments what you think instead ;)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Yaoi Review 'Boys Love'

Now, I know I haven't posted a new video but, on a TOTALLY unrelated note, I feel like sharing a yaoi I recently read (and LOVED).

Most people who are into JGV probably started with yaoi and boys love manga (I know that's how I started). JGV and yaoi are two separate things so, don't try calling our JGV actors "uke" and "seme". No -.- The correct termonology would be "neko" and "tachi".

ANYWAYS, I recently was reading a yaoi on Animephile called "Boys Love". Was just kinda looking for a cutesy story with hot sex and that was how this one started. A pretty high school male model and an older buisness man type story with some emotional baggage. I LOVED it! If you have time go read it on Animephile it's COMPLETELY free with NO downloading and well worth the read (in my opinion).

This story was also SO sad! So, beware because I actually got a little teary eyed towards the end TT.TT It also didn't help that I've had 'Sakura, falling' by YOHIO stuck in my head and it goes perfectly with the yaoi! TT.TT (Well, maybe if it included more oceans but, still.)

Ugh, I'm literally writing this directly after I just read the yaoi AND I'm listening to 'Sakura, falling'!
I've read some yaoi before that was trying to create an emotional response in the readers like this one and most of them TOTALLY missed the mark but, not this one.

Go read it and tell me what you think! I love talking to fellow BL fans since I don't know any personally ^^"

Here's the link

I-I can't even convey how much I love this yaoi. I'm going to go read it again whilst bawling like a baby :')

P.S. I usually read all my yaoi on Animephile, they have a very large and diverse library ^^
{Also, NOERU!!!! TT.TT and fuck you Chidori >:( }

Friday, July 5, 2013


Wow. That whole "I'm gonna post everyday" sure lasted for a long time xD Oh well, at least I have a new post for you all today ;)

Woohoo! Mensrush!

Now this has got to be one of my favorite Mensrush scenes because it stars two of my most favorite Mensrush actors! Now, I don't know the names of many JGV actors besides KO Video actors (because their names are on the website) so, if anyone knows these two's names I'd greatly appreciate it if you let me know ^^ Anyway, I LOVE this scene. It's odd because I usually prefer my nekos to be smaller and more delicate but I absolutely adore this neko! He's so sensitive and I find the noises he makes to be VERY hot. But my favorite thing about him would definetly be DAT ASS! ;) I also happen to love the tachi (I will definetly be posting more vids with him). When he's a neko he's so sensitive and the noises he makes are SO sweet ^^ but when he's a tachi he's so manly and definetly knows how to please his nekos. He's one of my favorites :)

My favorite part of the scene was when the tachi was just about to put it in and the neko groaned and moved away because it was too big for him. HOT.

Sorry for not uploading yesterday, I couldn't decide what film to post and it takes time to upload it online >.< Hope you enjoyed this film and if you have an questions or a request please don't hesitate to ask! ^^


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Woo! First video! 8D And though you are able to just click the play button on the video above, I feel the need to summarize the scenes and give my opinions on the film. Feel free to leave your (polite) opinions in the comments ^^

Scene 1: First scene has a boy named Yuki in it. He's alright I suppose but I've never really been a big fan of him but this particular scene was great :) What I loved about it was how he seemed so shy and innocent unlike other films he's in. My favorite part was when he was fingering himself and kept saying how embarassed he was. I almost lost it.

Scene 2: KANADE!! I just adore this boy! ^^ I love how innocent and lost he always looks and his crooked smile. Not to mention the faces he makes are just great xD He is definetly one of my favorites but, it's so hard to find him in films! :( I also LOVE when JGV boys wear women's clothing. I don't why, maybe I'm just weird but, when he was wearing those panties I almost died from happiness :)

Scene 3: EIJI!! I really like Eiji (as everyone should, jk) and this scene was like, one of his BEST scenes (in my opinion). This is easily one of my favorite Eiji films, he's just so, so AMAZING. There's just no other way to explain it. I loved the whole scene.

Scene 4: Toshi, Toshi, Toshi. Now, I like Toshi. There was a time when he was one of my top 3 favorite JGV actors but now, he's about at the same level as Yuki (Not that that's a BAD thing at all). This scene, I don't know, it's just, I wanted to see more, I don't know passion. It was an average sex scene with Toshi's cute moaning but there was really nothing that put him over the top. Honestly, my favorite part of the scene was literally when all the sex was over. Seeing him lying there breathless and smiling was just one of the cutest things ever ^^

I love this film. Cute, half naked boy maids who are willing to please their masters, what's not to like? ^^ Anyways, hope you enjoyed the first film and I'll be posting another video tomorrow (maybe Mensrush?) and yeah.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello fellow perverts!

Yay! First blog post! :D

My name's Jules and this is my new JGV blog. I decided to create this blog since some of my favorite JGV blogs have recently been deleted. And some of you may have been followers like me and now we're searching the internet once more like lost little puppies. Through my ventures in the JGV fandom I've happened to aquire quite a collection of porn (don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing...) so, I thought that I'd share it with all of you! :)

Now, I won't be posting downloading links at first (mostly because I don't know how yet ^^") so, I'll mostly be posting videos that you can stream online! Hopefully, this will also be nice for those who don't want to/aren't able to download porn on their computers (I know we ALL get tired of waiting for Paradox 5 -.-). And the title of this blog is 'Daily JGV' but there is a VERY high chance that I won't be able to post everyday though I will try my best. ^^

I'm also accepting requests at the moment so, if there's a certain film you want to see or you have a favorite actor you want to see more of don't be afraid to ask! ^^ But, I warn you now, I'm a HUGE Mensrush and KO Video fan so, you'll probably see a lot of that xD And yeah, that's pretty much it. Hope this blog goes well! ^^