Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Upcoming Weekly Schedule: 4/22-4/25

Don't mind me, I'm just gonna sneak back on this blog like I wasn't gone for over a year... Hi ^^

So, I'm gonna start uploading JGV vids again, more consistently this time too! I was able to find a new place that I could stream videos from and you'll also have the option of downloading if you want ^^

I decided to revive this blog because A) I still want to spazz to someone about the AMAZING porn I find (can't exactly call up my friends irl and talk about some gay porn I was watching -.-) B) I'm running out of storage space on my computer because of the films I've compiled and I don't want to just delete them (Even ones I don't watch as much) because it feels like I'm deleting hours of searching for specific films, hours of download waiting time, and (in some cases) actually deleting something I've spent money on.

JGV has kinda taken over my life (but it's fine, I've come to terms with it. I've accepted it xD).
Decided to use this blog as a public collection of the JGV I've compiled over the years. Some of these I LOVE and others weren't as great as I'd hoped, but I'll still upload them here because we all have different tastes and maybe one of you guys will like it ^^

I'm also open to requests! If there's a specific film or actor you want to see more of, I'll add it to the list ^^ I'll try to remain as consistent as possible. I'll be uploading a weekly schedule so, you'll know what to expect on which days.

Here's the upload schedule for this week (a good, diverse variety in my opinion and personal favorites of mine ^^) : 

Wednesday 4/22 : [ACCEED] Eating Virgin Pure Boys 

Thursday 4/23 : [COAT] Pet 3 

Friday 4/24 : [MEN'S CAMP] Diva's Secret Makeup Club {Request} 

Saturday 4/25 : [KO-SECRET FILM] Jail of the Crimson Lotus 

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