Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[ACCEED] Eating Virgin Pure Boys

Wednesday 4/22 : [ACCEED] Eating Virgin Pure Boys 


Okay, okay. If you know anything about the world of JGV, it's pretty common knowledge that the company Acceed comes out with some pretty weird shit. Just uncomfortable acting and weird scenes (kind of fetish like, but 1000x more awkward)

BUT, this one is actually pretty normal!

I don't know a lot of Japanese so, I don't know the content of the conversations, but nothing too weird happens (as usual with Acceed)


Seriously, ALL the models are adorable and sweet and soooo sensitive!
Disclaimer: I'm not too familiar with the names of Acceed models so, if you know their names feel free to let me know and I'll update it! ^^


The First scene is amazing, the neko is so sweet and so damn cute! He's so sensitive and twitchy, I love it. I'm also obsessed with the tachi! He's perfect, I just love the way he looks and the way he treats his nekos. You can tell he's REALLY enjoying himself.

The Second scene is also great! This may sound bad, but I love it when the neko's resistant at first, but then gets REALLY into it. And the way the story kind of unfolded was very much like this. The neko is just lovely and the way his cheeks were pink like he was embarrassed and his breathy moans, you could tell he was really feeling it! Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of this tachi, I've seen him in other scenes and he's just not my type :/

The Third scene was just the cutest, most awkward thing ever! Both the models were obvious nekos so, the "tachi" was a bit awkward trying to be the dominant one. I loved it. Also, the neko has appeared in some KO Company videos under the name "" I don't know if he has a different name under Acceed.
Sidenote: I noticed that the tachi had a few scars that looked self-inflicted. They appeared to be old, but I really hope he's doing okay. He's too sweet TT^TT

The Fourth scene was my FAVORITE! Seriously, the neko was incredible and paired with one of my top favorite rachis, it's just every JGV fan's dream. The neko is beautiful and hot and everything you could hope for. You could tell that they were TOTALLY into each other! I think I heard the neko call the tachi "Sou-chan" or "Sho-chan" which I thought was too cute. And his moans were just precious. One of my favorite all time scenes.

The Fifth scene was kinda anticlimactic. I mean the neko was cute, but the sex wasn't too interesting, he kind of looked scared to begin with and sometimes even emotionally detached (which is understandable since he's in a porn film, but it made it a little uncomfortable to watch and enjoy) and on top of all that, I wasn't really digging the tachi. So, sadly, this scene didn't do it for me. :/

Hope you guys like this film as much I do! I'd love to hear your guys' opinions on the film and all that jazz.
Enjoy ^^

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